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Why are My Teeth Shifting After Braces?

Posted On: July 22, 2021

Once your braces are removed or you finish your Invisalign treatment, you may have concerns about your teeth shifting again. This is a very common occurrence post-orthodontic treatment. Some people notice very little movement while others experience more pronounced changes.

What Causes Teeth Shifting?

Teeth Have a Memory

It is natural for teeth to want to move back to their original position at some point once your orthodontic treatment is complete. Even if you had braces on for three years, your teeth have a strong memory. Teeth shifting can happen soon after braces are removed, or can take years for the slightest movement to occur. This is why at Freytag Orthodontics, we recommend nightly retainer wear and offer our patient FREE replacement retainers for life!

Oral Health

Changes in gum and bone health may affect the stability of each tooth position. Poor oral hygiene can impact teeth placement. If you’re not brushing your teeth two times a day, plaque and decay can set in. Decay can cause the shape of a tooth to change and teeth to shift. To avoid this, be sure to visit your general dentist every six months for a professional cleaning.

Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth at night can cause tooth damage and movement to occur. Wearing a nightguard/ retainer while sleeping helps to protect your teeth and prevents you from wearing down your enamel.


How to Prevent Teeth Shifting after Braces or Invisalign

Orthodontics is an investment that should last a lifetime! The only way to prevent your teeth from any movement after your braces have been removed is to hold them in place with a retainer.

  • Removable Retainers: Most orthodontic patients wear clear, removable retainers to bed at night to hold their teeth in place after completing orthodontic treatment. Not only do retainers prevent shifting, but they also protect your tooth enamel from grinding or clenching.
  • Fixed Retainers: A fixed retainer is placed behind the teeth and is glued to your teeth. It is still recommended to wear a removable retainer over the top at night though, as back up in case the fixed retainer ever breaks without you realizing it.

At Freytag Orthodontics, we offer all of our patients FREE replacement retainers for life! This means you will never have to worry if you lose or break yours. Simply give our office a call and we will schedule you an appointment to take new impressions.