Boy points to braces and wonders, “how long do braces take?”

How Long Do Braces Take? Understanding the Braces Timeline

Posted On: January 23, 2024

How Long Do Braces Take? A Guide to The Duration of Orthodontic Treatment

For anyone considering orthodontic treatment, the burning question is often, “How long do braces take?” Understanding the overall braces timeline will help you manage expectations and prepare for  your orthodontic journey.  

Average Time for Braces 

So, how long do braces take? Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. The average time for  braces varies widely. The duration of your braces treatment depends on several factors related to your specific needs and circumstances, including the severity of your misalignment and your age. Another  consideration is the type of orthodontic service you choose, be it braces or Invisalign®

For patients with minor misalignments, it’s possible to complete treatment in 12 months or less.  However, 18 months is a much more common treatment period. At Freytag Orthodontics, we are pleased to  provide an average treatment time of only 16 months! 

How long will braces take for you? Your orthodontist will assess your case and provide an estimate  based on the average time for braces in cases similar to yours. Learn about our affordable payment  options today, including our Start a Smile Foundation

Braces Timeline 

It may be helpful to think of your braces timeline in terms of three main phases: 

Phase 1: Pre-Treatment 

Prior to beginning your orthodontic treatment, take some time to explore your options. What are the  benefits of braces versus Invisalign®? How about ceramic braces as opposed to traditional metal braces?  What lifestyle changes should you keep in mind? 

Phase 2: Your Time Wearing Braces 

Once your treatment has begun, there will be an adjustment period. Arguably this will be the most  difficult part of phase two, but once you’ve gotten used to your braces or Invisalign, it should be smooth  sailing. Just continue following your orthodontist’s guidelines and maintain your regular appointments  as scheduled. 

Check out our Video Series for tips and tricks to help you care for your braces. 

Phrase 3: After Treatment (the Retention Phase) 

When thinking through your braces timeline, don’t forget the retention phase. Once your braces are off,  it’s your retainer’s time to shine. Without the intervention of an orthodontic retainer, your gum’s elastic  memory will pull your teeth back to their original location. At Freytag Orthodontics, we recommend nightly lifetime retainer-wear! 

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Are you still wondering, “how long do braces take?” While the exact duration of orthodontic treatment  is unique to everyone, it’s important to remember the investment in time and effort pays off with a  confident, healthy smile. 

Embrace the process with patience and dedication, knowing the results will be well worth it. Your  radiant, straight smile awaits at the end of your braces journey! Ready to get started? At Freytag  Orthodontics of Tucson, your initial exam is free! Request a free orthodontic exam at one of our Tucson locations: Marana and Oro Valley