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Caring for Retainers after Orthodontic Treatment

Posted On: May 6, 2021

Caring for your retainers after completing braces or Invisalign treatment is important if you want to maintain your new, straight smile! At Freytag Orthodontics, we recommend nightly retainer  wear so your teeth do not shift back into their original position. Below you will find the do’s and don’ts of caring for your orthodontic retainer, and how you can keep them in great condition for as long as possible.

DO | Best practices when caring for retainers

  • Wear them as directed by your Orthodontist.
  • Clean retainers daily by brushing them with toothpaste.
    • After you brush your teeth, use the remaining toothpaste on the brush to clean your retainers and then rinse and let dry.
  • Store them in a container with sufficient airflow to prevent growth of mold and bacteria.
  • If you are not wearing your retainers, be sure to place them in the case provided to you by Freytag Orthodontics. Having a designated spot for them when not being used is the best way to avoid losing or damaging your retainer trays.
  • If you begin to notice build up of any sort on your retainers, try soaking them with Retainer Brite and use as directed. This is a cleaning tab that is safe for removable orthodontic appliances to help kill bacteria and prevent discoloration.
  • Always remove your retainer when eating or drinking non-clear liquids.
  • Call our office right away if your retainer breaks or is no longer fitting properly. Shifting can occur quickly, so the sooner we can fit you for a new retainer the better!

DON’T | What NOT to do when caring for retainers

  • Put them in hot or boiling water – this will make your retainers warp or deform.
  • Soak them in mouthwash or denture tab solution.
    • By doing this, you are allowing the retainer material to break down which will lead to them fitting improperly.
  • Leave your retainers out in the open or wrap them in a napkin
    • Retainers can become damaged if they have prolonged sun exposure. But most importantly, leaving them out in the open or wrapping them in a napkin increases your chances of misplacing or throwing them away.

Freytag Orthodontics and FREE Replacement Retainers for Life

At Freytag Ortho, we believe that your smile is an investment that should last a lifetime. That’s why we offer all of our patients free replacement retainers for life! We realize that things happen, and at some point you are bound to misplace or break a set of retainers. If this were to happen, give our office a call so we can get a new set made for you at no additional charge. (520) 365-6703